Mobile coordination center Red Cross Antwerp

The mobile coordination center is a van filled with equipment to quickly and easily set up a mobile command post at events or during times of disaster. It contains everything possibly required to organise, command and communicate with internal and external emergency services.

It is built based on a large Citro├źn van which was modified and rebuild by Asimex BVBA, a company specialised in rebuilding emergency vehicles. All technical IT aspects of the build were designed and executed by Bitnet BVBA.

The van was fitted with sattelite internet communication, sattelite and DVB-T TV reception, wireless communication on 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz, analog VHF communication radios, digital Astrid radios and VoIP communication. It has 5 computers with touch screens, a 24" LED TV, printing and scanning facilities and an internal PBX system for quickly rolling out a small scale wireless VoIP communication network. All digital communication is encrypted according to industry standards, and everything is based on free and open source software.