IT Consultancy the way it should be

Who we are

I'm Hans. I'm the founder of Bitnet. I'm a computer geek. I like challenges. I like to create things. I've been a computer hobbyist since I was a kid, and I'm one of those few lucky people that was able to turn my hobby into my profession. I now have over 18 years of experience in a diverse range of IT related topics.

What we do

We create <things>. We design <things>. We fix <things>. We make sure <things> keep running.
Replace <things> with your item of choice from the following list: "Servers", "Linux", "Networks", "Hardware", "Software", "Wireless communication", "Firewalls", "whatever you need".

Where we are

We are in the cloud. We are remote. We are on-site. We are invisible. Or we are visible. We are ready. We are everywhere. Everywhere you want us to be.
Our home base is located in Nieuwerkerken, Belgium. This is from where we deploy our troops. Offline, or online. Where you need us to be.