We get the job done. Period.

About me

Hello. Welcome to our website.
I'm Hans. I'm the founder of Bitnet. I'm a computer geek. I like challenges. I like to create things. I've been a computer hobbyist since I was a kid, and I'm one of those few lucky people that was able to turn my hobby into my profession. I now have over 10 years of experience in a diverse range of IT related topics.

— Hans Maes, Founder & CEO Bitnet

About Bitnet

Bitnet was founded in December 2008 to meet the high demand for flexible System Administrators. A system administrator needs to be available at any time, at any place. Users depend on it. Companies depend on it. Sales depend on it. Since this kind of job does not fit into a 9-to-5 attitude, we needed a way to provide you with the service you need. And Bitnet was born.

We specialise not only in system administration. That's how we started, but we've evolved beyond that. Now, we specialize in solutions. We do what needs to be done. We get the job done. Period. Our broad knowledge and interests makes for a great diversity in our projects. System administration. Wired Networking. Wireless Networking. Firewalls. Security. Custom software. Embedded software. Custom hardware. Electronics. You name it, we build it. We review your IT-problem and help you find an appropriate solution.